About Blueforce

Blueforce Logistics is a Canadian company whose purpose is to provide clients with supplemental skilled labour — as needed, where needed, and for as long as needed — to meet construction project schedules or increase production facility output. Our employees are recruited nationally to work on temporary, recurring and long-term job assignments for Canadian manufacturers, fabricators and contractors.

Our primary responsibilities are:

  1. Provide our clients with qualified, motivated workers who show up ready to work safely and productively from day one;
  2. Provide our employees with a competitive compensation plan, growth opportunities and interesting work assignments nationwide; and
  3. Manage the entire administration of contract worker recruiting, logistics and payroll services for our clients.

We specialize in skilled trade workers for clients with remote facility and field site operations and/or hard-to-fill positions, particularly where the local labour pool is in declining supply or virtually non-existent, by providing crews of apprentice and journeyperson tradespeople ready and willing to travel to their next work assignment.

Our workforce solution provides clients with the extra manpower to start or complete their projects / production runs; plus the proper time to selectively direct-hire new workers for permanent, full-time positions who are: (a) local residents; (b) willing to commute from neighbouring regions; or (c) willing to move within driving distance of their work site(s). When requested, we do our best to recruit qualified workers willing to transition to the client as a direct employee. This gives all parties time to evaluate the working relationship before hiring and relocation decisions are made.